Our Mission

The mission and goal of Cherished Connections is to enrich lives and make a difference by keeping families connected, no matter the situation or the miles between them.

Web Development

CherishedConnections.com is an extension of our goal to inspire strong relationships. In the coming months you'll find many products and stories we hope will help you make cherished connections which will last forever.

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Melynda Byrnes - Educational Advisor

David Byrnes - Legal/Business Advisor

Mike Hartle - Financial Advisor

About the Author

Patricia Sluder Davidson resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is the creator of Cherished Connections. Pat has created a very special connection with her three beautiful grandchildren in writing and illustrating books together to be shared between children and adults. Her journey started when she found herself as a long distance grandma.

"I wanted to inspire and create a way for adults and children to have stronger relationships when separated, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. That's how I was inspired to create Cherished Connections... and so it began."

Contributing Partners


Maddy enjoys knitting, writing, and science. She has enjoyed creating artwork sinice she was three. One day she hopes to be a zoologist.


Ethan enjoys playing with Legos and Pokemon cards. His favorite subjects in school are science and art, and one day he hopes to be an engineer.


Ryan enjoys playing and working outdoors. He loves to play checkers and build Lego creations. He especially loves when Grammy visits so he can create pictures with her.