This book is written and designed to create a connection with anyone who has had a special person in their life pass away. It also gives anyone a way to establish a tradition and feel close to those who have passed.

I was inspired within my own family to create this book to help families deal with the loss of someone special in their lives. It was touching to let go of the string of a balloon and send it to heaven but how amazing and special would it be to have powerful words to fill your heart as you let go of the string, watch the balloon leave your sight, enter heaven and have an amazing connection at the same time. Since creating this book, my own experience with a special little boy and my own father are more enriched and my heart full of greater love. Through this book, we have been able to touch the lives of two very special families. We helped a young girl have a relationship with her grandmother that she lost prior to reaching her first birthday. We have helped a family of three beautiful young women create an experience and a touching tradition for the mother they recently lost. Our hope is to touch the lives of so many people and assist them in creating an even stronger connection with the special people in their lives that have passed.

The book "Balloon to Heaven" has touched my life in so many unexpected ways. Since receiving it, we have read the book every year on my mom's birthday followed by releasing a balloon. This simple act creates an outlet for my emotions, and just as importantly, creates a connection for my daughter with her Grammie that I fear would otherwise be lost. It is a beautiful book and a beautiful concept that brings so much joy and comfort to our family. I would recommend this book to anyone who has lost a loved one! Lisa Leonard

My three daughters and I read the words from "Balloon to Heaven" to commemorate their mother's life, one year after her death. We were gently guided to a place where we could connect, embracing the memory of their cherished mother. This book presented us with invaluable insights as we read the words of this beautiful work. My daughters let down their guards, as we grieved together, gazing at the balloons drifting upward, heaven-bound. Allan Versteeg